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Fix Leaky Pipes with these Simple Steps

September 5, 2017
It goes without saying that having water in your bathroom is essential. It keeps things clean and sanitary. But sometimes, water pops up in a bathroom where it normally wouldn’t be present. And one place where water shouldn’t exist is underneath your bathroom sink.
No one wants to deal with leaky pipes—for the untrained homeowner, it can seem like an intimidating problem to repair. While a qualified plumber is always a phone call away, it doesn’t hurt to carefully inspect your sink’s pipes yourself to decipher what the issue might be. Depending on the problem, you may even be able to repair the leak yourself.
Here are a few quick guidelines that you can use to repair simple pipe leaks.
Inspect the Source of the Leak

Determining the source of the problem is the quickest answer to finding the solution. In order to properly fix a leaky pipe, you first have to decipher what is causing the leak in the first place. This is done by a careful examination of the pipes and the parts itself.
This picture gives you a scope as to the most common parts of a bathroom drain—any one of these parts not functioning properly can be the source of the leak. It’s best to turn off your home’s water supply, carefully deconstruct the pipe, and make sure each component is in quality condition. If everything looks good, the piping can be quickly reassembled and sealed properly.
Don’t Panic—the Solution is Often Simple
Keep in mind that most plumbing issues are simpler than they appear, so there is no reason to be intimidated: for example, repairing the leak often comes down to merely re-tightening the nut on the piping. In other instances, leaking water can occur when the gasket or the rubber sealing washer isn’t sealing properly because it isn’t lying flat.
Gather the Proper Materials
Many simple repairs can be handled with two essential tools: plumber’s tape and plumbers’ putty. Plumbers tape works with any fitting needing a high quality seal. This will ensure that seals are tight and secure. Plumbers putty is also useful in creating reliable seals. This material easily molds to your pipes and will not harden or crack over time.

A bathroom plumbing issue doesn’t necessarily entail a complex or expensive repair process. By following those simple steps, you can help determine if your leaking bathroom pipes involve a simple solution, or if they require expert care. For more difficult scenarios, call your friends and experts at Essential Plumbing and Sewer. We can be reached at 630-433-7058 or visit us in person at PO Box 344 in the heart of Winfield.

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